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Assignments Abroad Times


Language : English
Frequency : Bi-weekly (Wednesday & Saturday)
Printing Process : Web Offset
Screen : Black & White - 65 LPI / Color - 85 LPI
One Page : 32.8 cm x 50 cms = 1640 sq. cms.
Width Of Column : 4.4 cms for display ads & 6 cms for appointment ads.
Length Of Column : 50 cms.

Fraction of a centimeter will be treated as one full centimeter, being rounded off to the next higher centimeter. Advertisements measuring in length less than 5 cms. short of the full height. i.e. above 45 cms. will be charged for the full height i.e. 50 cms., length.

Minimum Page
5 cms. x 4.4 cms for display ads. and in multiples of minimum width.
5 cms. x 6 cms for appointment ads. and in multiples of minimum width.
Front & back page ads as stipulated under separate headings.

Advertisements of more than minimum width must be of a minimum of 5 centimeters height. If the size of the advertisement is less than the stipulated minimum height, the same will be treated as a strip advertisement and 25% premium will apply on space used, subject to a minimum of 164 sq cms.

Front Page (Solus Only)
Maximum Size - 25 cms x 18.6 cms.
Minimum Size - 20 cms x 13.9 cms.

Back Page
Minimum Size - 10 cms x 9.1 cms.

Colour Advertisements
Multicolour advertisement will be accepted only for Front page, Back page and appointment pages and the material should reach our office strictly within the specified time.

Material Required
Soft copy of ads made in pdf / corel draw / eps formats.

Competitive Advertisements
Soft copy of ads made in pdf / corel draw / eps formats.

No dispute / protest / claim in respect of any bills will be entertained, unless made within one week of publication. Under no circumstances, shall payment for any bill or any portion thereof be held back as disputed.

Drafts / Cheques are to be drawn in favour of "Aishwarya Publications Pvt. Ltd." only.


Appointment Advertisements

  Columns 2 4 6 8 10
  Width in Cms 6 12.7 19.4 26.1 32.8

Display Advertisements

  Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Width in Cms 4.4 9.1 13.9 18.6 23.3 28 32.8

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Assignments Abroad Times